About MyMuseum

Go behind the scenes of MyMuseum and discover how the website was built, what it aims to achieve and how you can help.

The founder

Hello my name is Joseph Combourieu. I'm a French teenager, living in Paris. I am passionate about programming and art, especially painting. These two passions have led me to develop this webiste. I believe that there are as many perspectives to experience art as there are people, and this is why I have created this website.


MyMuseum aims to confront artistic point of views. Whether you have an expert-level artistic knowledge, or you're just simply interested by a topic related to art, you are welcome to share your experience on MyMuseum. Create you museum now, add rooms to it and paintings. It's your museum, you can do whatever you want.

Create now


MyMuseum has a lot of features willing to accomplish the goal listed above.

  • You can create your own museum, with custom descriptions.
  • You can discover others' museums, and give them some feedback.
  • You can search for a particular museum, containg a particular artist, painting...
  • You can chat with other users, share your museum

All oh these features are presented in a pretty fun way, achieve tasks to complete achievements.